Sirius is a compact individual Clean Air work station, which incorporate the latest laminator technology and energy-saving designs with HEPA-filtration. Offering complete portability and enabling suitable and convenient positioning in your laboratory.

The Sirius is a Class 2 biological safety cabinet and thus provides operator, environmental and product protection.

The air enters the biological safety cabinet via the front aperture and continues under the worktop, up the back plenum. 70% of the air is recirculated through the main HEPA filter, to provide the down flow and 30% exits via the HEPA filter to exhaust.

The vertical laminar flow recirculation provides operator protection by means of the inflow, product protection by means of the down flow and environmental by means of the filtered exhaust.

The vertical laminar flow safety cabinet is available with a full work opening of 20 cm giving an easy access to the work area or alternatively with access port holes enhances operation protection whilst at the same time conserving energy.  

The Sirius cabinets, the ideal choice for your laboratory, wherever full security and practicality is required.  Cell cultures, microbiology, pharmaceutical and cytostatic applications, are just some examples of installations of the Sirius cabinet.

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