Dilvac Cryo Flask

Dilvac Cryo Flask

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SKU : SS-111
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Stainless steel with clamp lid with vent hole.
Cryogenic aluminum dewar flasks are specifically designed to safely store cryogens for transport of samples within a facility.  Our LN2 dewar flasks feature a tough, robust and rust-free construction, suitable for liquid nitrogen or dry-ice.  To raise the boiling temperature and thus prevent evaporation, their double-thick walls are vacuum-pumped and provide a thermal insulation between the interior of the cryogenic dewar and the exterior environment.  We have a variety of economical, stainless steel and low profile units available in a wide range of sizes to meet any need.

  • SS111, 1 liter, Glass Liner
  • SS222, 2 liter , Glass Liner
  • SS333, 4.5 liter, Glass Liner


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