Applikon BioSep perfusion

Applikon BioSep perfusion

Applikon Biosep Scalable Cell Culture perfusion

The Applikon BioSep is a unique cell retention device for the process of constant feeding of fresh media and removal of spent media, while retaining a high number of viable cells. It uses high frequency resonant ultrasonic waves to separate cells and thereby automatically removes cell debris, which makes it the perfect solution for continuous bioprocesses.

The ideal solution for long-term cultivation

  • Automatic removal of cell debris
  • No damage to the cells
  • No fouling or blocking allows for long term operation
  • Scalable perfusion device (0,1 – 1.000 L / day)

The Applikon BioSep is ideal the for following applications:

  • Perfusion cultures
  • Concentration of cell / particles
  • Process development studies
  • Washing
  • First step in downstream processing