Applikon Cell Ready 3L Systems

Applikon Cell Ready 3L Systems

CellReady 3L Bioreactor Platform
Eliminate the need to clean, autoclave and assemble your traditional glass bioreactors and save days of downtime with the Mobius CellReady 3L Bioreactor and the CellReady controller platform.
This 3L single-use, stirred tank bioreactor platform allows you to focus on experimentation and data analysis, getting you to results faster.
The CellReady bioreactor platform comes with 4 bioreactors, which can be used for cell cultures (animal-, insects-, and plant cells). The control system is formed by the standard Applikon ez-Controller. The ez-Control system is configured for a cell culture application, with rotameters and solenoids for Air, O2 and CO2. It can measure and control pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen (DO). Reusable sensors are provided for pH, temperature and dissolved oxygen.
The bioreactor is equipped with multiple addition-, sample- and harvesting tubing. All tubings are clear c-flex, suitable for tube welding. Multiple diameter sizes tubing are used provided for smaller and larger additions. Each line is also provided with luer lock connector. The sample ports are provided with luer lock connector. Four gas lines are present: gas inlet overlay, open pipe sparger, porous sparger and exhaust gas. All lines are provided with sterile (vent) filter.
The platform comes with a stirrer motor and adapter, a heating blanket, sensors and cables, a liquid addition bottle for alkali addition, tubing and a starter kit. The starter kit includes several clamps, reducers and syringes for sampling.
Add-on packages are available to upgrade the system with MFC's, extra pumps, etc.

The CellReady bioreactor platform can be used for cell cultures (animal-, insects-, and plant cells).

Regine Eibl, Stephan Kaiser, Renate Lombriser and Dieter Eibl, Appl Microbiol Biotechnol, Disposable bioreactors: the current state-of-the-art and recommended applications in biotechnology, published online 22 January 2010.

Disposable bioreactors have increasingly been incorporated into preclinical, clinical, and production-scale biotechnological facilities over the last few years. Driven by market needs, and, in particular, by the developers and manufacturers of drugs, vaccines, and further biologicals, there has been a trend toward the use of disposable seed bioreactors as well as production bioreactors. Numerous studies documenting their advantages in use have contributed to further new developments and have resulted in the availability of a multitude of disposable bioreactor types which differ in power input, design, instrumentation, and scale of the cultivation container. In this review, the term "disposable bioreactor" is defined, the benefits and constraints of disposable bioreactors are discussed, and critical phases and milestones in the development of disposable bioreactors are summarized. An overview of the disposable bioreactors that are currently commercially available is provided, and the domination of wave-mixed, orbitally shaken, and, in particular, stirred disposable bioreactors in animal cell-derived productions at cubic meter scale is reported. The growth of this type of reactor system is attributed to the recent availability of stirred disposable benchtop systems such as the Mobius CellReady 3 L Bioreactor. Analysis of the data from computational fluid dynamic simulation studies and first cultivation runs confirms that this novel bioreactor system is a viable alternative to traditional cell culture bioreactors at benchtop scale.

The CellReady 3L Bioreactor

  • Is the first, single-use 3L stirred tank bioreactor
  • Comes pre-assembled and gamma irradiated
  • Is compatible with your existing controller using our motor adaptor - no capital equipment purchase
  • Has a familiar, rigid tank design - no bags needed
  • Provides instant gratification - just take it off the shelf and start your experiment

The overall assembly includes:

  • Multi-port Headplate
  • Vessel (Semi-hemispherical bowl)
  • Probe fittings (PG13.5)
  • Impeller shaft with integrated bearing seal
  • Marine impeller- Scoping (up-pumping)
  • Base- removable and recyclable
  • One way check valves
  • CLC2000® Luer actuated sample ports
  • Silicon seals- for bearing seal and headplate
  • C-Flex® Tubing
  • Vent Filter
  • Millex® 33 inlet filters
  • Tie wraps
  • Pinch clamp
  • Tubing connectors
  • Male Luer-lock fittings

The Cellready platform controller

  • Is a standard Applikon ez-Control unit configured for cell culture
  • Comes with 3 rotameters with solenoid valves for control of pH and dissolved oxygen content
  • Comes with 1 pump for alkali addition
  • Comes with a heating blanket for temperature control
  • Can be fitted with extra rotameters, mass flow controllers and 2 extra built in pumps
  • Allows up to 17 extra analog and digital inputs and outputs with the extended I/O board.