Applikon V-Control

Applikon V-Control

Applikon V-Control

The scalable DeltaV™ solution for bioreactors

Applikon V-Control is a sole software platform for process control, process automation and data acquisition from research to production. It enables seamless transfer of data and technology to optimize bioprocesses.

Turnkey automation solution for process optimization

  • Reduced time-to-market and development costs
  • Improved user experience with advanced automation tools
  • Minimized scale-up risks with easy technology and data transfer

Applikon V-Control is a joint effort as a result of being a premier partner of Emerson’s OEM program for life sciences. It combines the state-of-the-art Applikon bioreactor systems with Emerson’s awarded DeltaV automation solution.
V-Control is the scalable DeltaV™ solution for bioreactors from discovery to production. In labs, it harnesses the power of DeltaV™ in an off-the-shelf configurable system at a reduced price point. For pilot and production scale stainless steel or single-use systems, it harnesses the power of the DeltaV PK Controller in a configurable control system based on user requirements.


One common platform

V-Control combines the best of DeltaV™ automation with Applikon bioprocessing know-how into one platform for process control and data management from discovery to production. The open architecture in V-Control enables users to optimize the DeltaV libraries for their processes and allows user to merge the application with existing DeltaV library. Seamless technology transfer and scalable data transfer result in optimal bioprocesses with shorter development lead times and lower development costs.