Cryogenic Bulk Tanks

Cryogenic Bulk Tanks

Asistec Supplies and Installs both vertical and horizontal bulk tanks. Taylor Wharton bulk tanks are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. The pressure vessel is ASME, Section VIII, Division I, and has Canadian(CRN) and Chinese pressure vessel approval. All of the Taylor-Wharton world-class cryogenic tank facilities are ISO 9001 approved.

Taylor Wharton Horizontal Bulk Tanks

Storage Capacity
The storage capacities of these horizontal tanks range from 900 gallons (3,407 liters) to 100,000 gallons (378,500 liters). Each tank can be put into Oxygen, Nitrogen or Argon service.

Operating Pressure
Since these horizontal tanks can be put in a variety of gas services and applications, the operating pressures can be specified from 40 psig (92.8 bar/276 kPa) to 250 psig (17.2 bar/1724 kPa). The maximum tank capacity and the intended application govern the working pressure.

Control Arrangements
The external piping controls are located at either end of each tank. This maximizes the operational accessibility and ease of maintenance. The standardized plumbing design simplifies maintenance and availability of replacement parts. Since these tanks can be equipped with a pressure building system there is no need for an electrical control set-up or power supply.

Standard Options
Each standard design included on this page can be customized to meet your application. A number of options have been designed to meet many of your needs. Options that can replace standard components of the horizontal tank are Dual Safeties, High/Low Liquid Level Gauges and Pressure Building Controls. Any one of these options can improve the ability of our tanks to meet your specific application.

Taylor-Wharton horizontal tanks can be supplied with electrical or steam water bath vaporizers, control manifolds, and other devices to provide completely integrated supply systems.

Taylor Wharton Vertical Bulk Tanks

With maximum flexibility for current requirements and easy modification for futureVert-1 applications, Taylor-Wharton's new bulk tank line sets the industry standard for quality design and efficiency.
Their optimized piping design makes operating and maintaining a bulk tank easier tshan ever. Readily accessible valves and controls provide ample clearance making adjustment and maintenance simple. Wide line spacing limits frost build-up to the liquid lines only. In addition, the bulk tank piping design optimizes the use of threaded connections to provide flexibility in future applications. Economizer circuits, pump feed and return lines, fill check valves and fill hose purge/drain valves are standard equipment.
Most importantly, Taylor-Wharton bulk tanks are designed and manufactured to the highest international codes and quality standards. The pressure vessel is ASME, Section VIII, Division 1, and has both Canadian (CRN) and Chinese pressure vessel approval. The German AD-Merkblatter design is also available as a standard offering. To assure the best quality in all aspects of our operation, our three cryogenic tank manufacturer facilities are ISO 9000 approved.

Taylor-Wharton International LLC is a world-leading technology, service and manufacturing network for gas applications involving pressure vessels and precision valves. Taylor-Wharton International LLC operates two complementary businesses from manufacturing, sales, warehouse and service facilities in six countries, on four continents, and markets its products in over 80 countries worldwide. Taylor-Wharton manufactures a complete line of state-of-the-art cryogenic liquid cylinders, MicroBulk and bulk tank storage systems. With worldwide operations, manufacturing facilities and strategic partners, Taylor-Wharton provides MicroBulk systems that deliver safety, quality and efficiency to health care, industrial and other business segments.

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