Excel Plus Ducted Model

Excel Plus Ducted Model

Excel Plus cabinets are for precision applications - for protection from particles whilst weighing and handling powders. These cabinets incorporate aerofoil technology and graded rear back baffles ensuring reduced turbulence and precise control of air flow across the entire width of the working access.
Excel Plus powder weighing cabinets are offered in standard sizes: 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm and 1500mm width.
More details of dimensions on request.


  • Five position balance gives stable and repeatable results.
  • Electronic low airflow alarm
  • Non-turbulent flow prevents balance fluctuation and cabinet dead spots.
  • Angled clear front provides excellent vision of enclosed manipulations and comfort during use.

Note: Extraction of air can be through filters at a remote location or through existing extraction ductwork.

Optional extras include:
Lighting, 18W fluorescent lamps.

Bigneat Powder Handling - Weighing Stations Brochure