GasPod Personal O2 Monitor

GasPod Personal O2 Monitor

A personal, compact and extremely robust personal oxygen monitor, with two year long life sensor and large clear LCD display, for continuous monitoring of oxygen concentrations in surrounding air. The GasPod offers dual protection for the user from the potential hazard of oxygen deficiency in the presence of nitrogen, argon and helium together with monitoring of oxygen enrichment.

Key features:

  • Confidence heartbeat & service indication on LCD display with large clear indication for maximum user visibility.
  • Simple automated push button calibration in fresh air.
  • Different audible, visual and vibration indications for two primary warning alarms and two critical alarm settings.
  • Rugged highly visible enclosure and durable clip to allow user to attach the GasPod securely to garments.
  • Loud audible alarm for maximum volume.
  • No requirement for charging. Two year sensor/battery pack which cannot be switched off protecting the user at all times.
  • Live readings with no sample interval for rapid alarm response times.
  • Oxygen concentration reading suppressed in alarm condition to avoid user interpretation of safe levels (continuous reading available upon request).


  • The GasPod personal oxygen monitor provides four alarm settings for both oxygen defi ciency and enrichment monitoring.
  • The monitor continuously checks the concentration of oxygen in the surrounding air and provides both visual and audible alarms should the detected concentration of oxygen fall below the pre-set low alarms or above the pre-set high alarm levels.
  • The monitor contains a long life two year oxygen sensor and battery pack that provides a continuous two year operation.
  • NB Oxygen deficiency monitors must not be used for the detection of carbon dioxide gas.

Quantum GasPod Datasheet