Gram Refrigeration

Gram Refrigeration

Gram Commercial has applied its vast refrigeration and freezer know-how built up over 100 years in the business to provide the ultimate in meticulously controlled and highly dependable scientific and medical temperature storage.BioLine – Quality features included as standard:

  • Superb 3 year parts and labour warranty and 5 year compressor warranty.
  • ATEX – Cabinets conform internally and externally with EN/IEC 60079-15 category 3 zone 2 in accordance with EN/IEC 60079-10. This guarantees that cabinets are manufactured to standards equal to, or in excess of, other manufacturers “sparkfree” description.
  • Extra “E-sensor” offers alternative to air or “A-sensor”. E-sensor can be placed in a medium representative of the products within the cabinet if required.
  • Gram Air distribution system – ensures temperature uniformity whilst using minimal energy.
  • Port Access – 25mm port fitted as standard.
  • Volt Free Contacts – for external connection.
  • Door lock.
  • LED display indicates temperature, alarms and error messages
  • Gram MPC 4.6 - Control Unit provides capability to:
    • Preset parameters for acoustic and visual alarm that activate if temperature is exceeded.
    • Recall alarm history – in event of temperature alarm memory holds full details of maximum and minimum temperature and length of time spent outside of range.
    • Preset door open alarm to sound if door is open longer than allowable time period, and which continues until door is closed.
    • Choose sensor reference point – select between air or extra sensor as input to display and alarm operation.
    • Temperature sensor calibration – A function of control that allows both sensors to be calibrated.
    • Tailor auto defrost cycles to product specific requirements.
  • Easy maintenance – dust filter and door seal can be removed for cleaning.
  • Smart design – integrated door handles, halogen lights come on & fan turns off (reducing cold air loss) when door opens, environmentally conscious cyclopentane insulation propellant used as standard and hydrocarbon (R290) refrigerant option also available.


gram bio plusThe BioPlus range is designed for storage of the most delicate biomaterials, in situations where even tiny fluctuations in conditions inside the storage cabinet can have a serious effect on the contents.BioPlus refrigerated cabinets also enable you to reduce the relative humidity inside, thus cutting down on any likelihood of undesirable contaminants getting near delicate biomaterials. Temperatures: +15 to +2C, -5 to -25C or -5 to -35C options available. Available with capacities of 500, 600, 660, 1270 and 1400 litres with a stainless steel interior, and either a white or stainless-steel exterior finishBioMidiThe BioMidi cabinet is designed to meet the majority of biomaterial refrigeration and freezer requirements, with very few limitations. The specifications include the major features from our top–of–the–range BioPlus model, making it the ideal choice when the ability to maintain stable temperatures is decisive in a purchasing decision. The functional design ensures easy, ergonomically correct access to the storage space.Temperature range:+15°C to +2°C, -5°C to -25°C or -5°C to -40°C options available. Available with capacities of 425 or 625 litres, BioMidi has a Aluminium/stainless steel interior and a choice of a white or aluminium/ stainless-steel exterior finish. BioCompact II The BioCompact II provides you with significantly better performance than any other cabinets in this price range for storing ordinary biomaterial under stable conditions.

If you need to store different biomaterials at different times, this design gives you lots of ways to deal with individual storage needs, thanks to the versatile interior layout and a comprehensive selection of fixtures and fittings.
The small footprint of this design also makes it the perfect biostorage unit for use in confined spaces. Temperature Range: Freezers, -25°C, Refrigerators 2 to -15°C.

Available with capacities of 200 (under bench or stackable), 400 and 610 litres, all have an ABS (plastic) interior with either white or stainless-steel finish BioLine Accessories and Configurations Interior Options. Each model can be equipped with a combination of various fixtures according to products being stored. The details of the maximum number of shelves/drawers are shown in the table which follows.

  • Shelves options include – plastic coated wire shelves, stainless steel wire shelves and perforated stainless steel (include photos)
  • Drawers include – Aluminium drawers or stainless steel drawers option of either 30kg or 40kg capacity (include photos)

Standard Options

  • Glass door (refrigerator only) – allows view of contents without door opening.
  • Stainless steel exterior available - pricing on request (BioMidi aluminium/stainless steel combination).
  • Gram Monitor – provides graphs and tables of conditions in cabinets and can be set up to send alerts if temperature parameters move out of specification.
  • Compressor/Transformer options - 230V, 60Hz compressor or 110V, 60Hz transformer available.
  • Low temperature relay (note may affect ATEX rating).
  • Cabinets are typically supplied on castors. These can be switched for legs if required or if height restrictions apply smaller casters are an option. Exceptions apply. Contact us for details.

BioUltra UL570 Ultra Low Temperature Freezer
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