Huber Bath Circulators

Huber Bath Circulators

Bath/Circulation Thermostats are thermostats with bath openings which allow objects to be directly thermo-regulated in the bath as well as a pump.
Compatible Control Thermostats have pressure and suction pump for closed (pressure pump) and open (suction and pressure pumps)
external circuit.

Concept of Huber Compatible Control Thermostats

Huber Compatible Control Thermostats are a range of open bath thermostats with classical construction. The pump, sensor, heating, and in the case of refrigerating bath thermostats, the evaporator; are to be found in the rear part of the bath. This enables the use of optional calibration inserts for highly accurate calibration tasks or the use of displacement inserts to boost the speed of temperature change.

The Huber "Plug and Play" technology allows a basic model to be upgraded to an interactive high-tech model with ease and at any time. The Compatible Controllers are interchangeable. The functions of the basic CC-Pilot controller can be extended at any time via an activation key.

The budget MPC models, however, do not have the comfort of the Plug&Play technology and are limited to basic functions.

In its simplest version, the bath thermostat is a combination of an immersion thermostat (MPC-E or CC-E) and a bath (A, B or a cooling bath K). Objects are temperature controlled directly in the bath itself. For temperatures below that produced by self-heating, the Intra-Coolers (TC-Models), Flow-through-Chillers (DC models) or optional cooling coils for water cooling are available. With an additional pump adapter, external closed applications can be temperature controlled. Typical examples are Autoclaves, Photometers, Viscosity meters, Refraction meters, Distillation columns and Heat exchangers.

The lowest cost combinations are fitted with the immersion thermostat MPC-E. As with the top model CC-E with "CC-Pilot" controller, these models are also equipped with a powerful suction and pressure pump for peak temperatures of 200°C. MPC-models are available as "Advanced" with a factory fitted sensor connection socket and the serial interface RS232.

Bath thermostats with the immersion thermostat CC-E have a pump rotation speed which is continuously variable, for optimum circulation in the bath. All CC-models contain a digital RS232 interface as standard equipment. The optional ComBox (containing an RS485digital interface, analogue interface 4-20mA, stand-by signal and programmable alarm) and an external pressure sensor allows the pressure of external applications to be controlled. Variable Pressure control VPC (Variable Pressure Control) was developed to protect glass reactors from damage caused by high fluid pressure with Unistats®.

Bath and circulation thermostats with CC-Pilot are real all-rounders. The temperature control unit and the bath generally cannot be separated. Theses models stand out, due to high cooling and heating capacities but still having compact construction. The bestseller ministat®, remain the smallest refrigeration thermostat in the world since 1976. The two bigger ministats® are also the smallest and most powerful and best selling thermostats within their class.

An external Pt100 sensor may be fitted for optimum temperature control of external objects. All bath and circulation thermostats with the CC-Pilot have an RS232 interface and a Lemosa connector for connection of the external Pt100 as standard.

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