Huber Chillers

Huber Chillers

Unichillers® are intelligent chillers which are used mainly as an environmentally friendly and economic alternative to tap water for process cooling. Low temperatures increase efficiency and recovery rates in gas condensation processes. In contrast to tap water a desired setpoint can be selected between -10/-20 °C to 40 °C and controlled with a temperature stability of +- 0.5 °C. The product range includes 27 air cooled and 26 water cooled models, with cooling powers from 0.3 kW to 50 kW. Most models can be factory fitted with a heater. The casings are made of stainless steel to ensure long life and high quality.


Extremely compact circulation coolers with a cooling capacity of 300 or 400 watts at 15°C. They ideally can be used for back cooling of condensers from vacuum pumps, for 1 litre rotation evaporators or smaller heat exchangers.
With the exception of the two models in tower casings (UC006w and UC009w) all units can be factory fitted with optional heating and independent overtemperature protection. The maximum working temperature increases to 100 °C and the temperature stability is +/-0.5 K. The new construction allows constant operation in ambient temperatures up to 40 °C. The water-cooled models are especially quiet and require little cooling water even at full cooling power.


Top models in tower housing with CC-Pilot
The proven Huber tower models offer power with small footprints. These top models have the exchangeable Compatible Control CC-Pilot. They are used in both research and production. The range of cooling powers available is from 1.6 to 100 kW. All models have the exchangeable Compatible Control "CC-Pilot." The cooling power is regulated by an automatic stepper motor controlled valve to adapt to the actual requirements. The environmentally friendly energy management system minimises heat emission and reduces the operating costs (cooling water and electricity) of the water cooled models. The sound levels of the air-cooled models have been minimised through the use of speed controlled condenser fans. The refrigeration systems are exceptionally robust and can operate in environmental temperatures up to 40 °C. The internal CAN technology allows connection to a range of power and control components and is therefore suitable for this wide ranging product group: The new Unichillers® with air- or water-cooled refrigeration systems are available from cooling powers of 1.7 kW for typical laboratory applications. The powerful Unichillers® with cooling powers up to 100 kW are also used as a central supply of cooling water for labs or complete buildings

Process circulators with heating:

Unichillers® with an optional heating become powerful process circulators for the mid temperature range -10/-20 up to 100° C with a temperature stability of +/-0.1 K.

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