Huber Recirculating Thermostats

Huber Recirculating Thermostats

Cold-warm re-circulation thermostats: High precision thermo-regulation from -120/ 400°C

A Recirculation Thermostat is a thermostat in which thermofluid is pumped through an open or closed extemal circuit. Recirculation thermostats in the Unistats® range can have a thermally decoupled expansion vessel, whose surface temperature is not the operating temperature. They do not have an accessible bath. Unistats have a thermally decoupled active surface (expansion vessel), whereby the surface temperature is not necessarily the same as the operating temperature.
Tango and the larger Unistats are so-called cold-warm re-circulation thermostats according to DIN 12876. In comparison with conventional bath and re-circulation thermostats, they contain no open bath, and thus have no active (temperature controlled) surfaces open to atmosphere. This minimises oil vapours and bad smells from polluting the atmosphere at high temperatures. At low temperatures, the absorbtion of water vapour by the oil is prevented and the resulting life of the thermofluid thus extended by many times.

Why Tango and the big-power Unistats?
Unistats have a very small internal volume, and thus a very high cooling power to volume (watt/litre) ratio according to DIN 12876. This ratio describes the dynamic performance of a thermostat. The primary concern is how fast a temperature can be changed in a system. With exothermic reactions for example, this can be critically important for safety.

Unistats are hydraulically sealed circulation thermostats with the ability to provide the fastest ramp rates in the industry to give the tightest control over process temperature. They are available for the range of -120°C to +425°C.

The "Tango Nuevo" models now operate up to 250°C, have a more powerful and variable high performance pump, and application optimised circulation through "VPC" technology, and a continuously variable internal bypass.

Huber Unistats Tango

Petite Fleur – The Baby Tango

The baby Tango is the entry level model for temperature control applications in the mid-range -40 °C to 200 °C.
The Tango is the original and smallest circulator of the Unistat® range, which has been the benchmark for many years. The „Petite Fleur" in comparison with the Tango Nuevo, is 2/3 the size, 2/3 the power and 2/3 the price. The Tango and the Unistats® are suitable for externally open baths or closed applications, e.g. reactors. The first version of „Petite Fleur", the baby Tango, is designed for externally closed applications. A second version for open bath applications is in preparation.

Huber Tango Petite Fleur