Huber TCU Controllers

Huber TCU Controllers

Plug & Play-Technology

Huber employs a modular approach for choosing controls, upgrading or servicing appliances. With the exception of the MPC range, controllers may be chosen to match your exact needs. For replacement or servicing there is a short down-time, no return of units for repair…just a couple of minutes to replace the control facia.

The Unistat Pilot

Range of functions:

  • Function check on switching on.
  • Colour TFT-Display with Touch-screen
  • Programmer with 100 Segments split over 10 Programs.
  • TAC (True Adaptive Control).- Self optimising internal and cascade controller.
  • Connection for Process Pt100.
  • COMBOX with connections for
    • External control signal
    • Programmable potential free contact
    • Digital interface RS232, RS485
    • AIF (Analogue Interface) 0/4-20 mA or 0-10V
    • Level monitoring
  • Calendar, Date, time
  • Air purging program
  • De-gassing program
  • Programmable restart after power failure
  • Diagnosis software

The following models work with the Unistat® Pilot Control:

  • unistat® Series T300 High temperature-Thermostats
  • unistat® Tango
  • unistat® Series 400
  • unistat® Series 500
  • unistat® Series 600
  • unistat® Series 800
  • unistat® Series 900
  • unistat® Series 1000

CC Pilot-Controller (E-grade)

A highly modern compatible control controller with new, innovative, E-grade technology for function expansion without changing the controller – just using an activation key – as well as the tried and tested Plug and Play technology for professional service.

The graphics enabled TFT screen and the unique menu guidance Easy-Control is virtually identical to the Unistats. The CC-Pilot can be used as a remote control using a data cable. The functions can be expanded using E-grade from the basic version upwards. The functions are self explanatory.The display can be varied. Important data (Set point, actual measured value, internal and process as well as the over temperature value set) can be chosen to be displayed in large text on the screen. This eases reading from a distance, and sharpens the view of the essential. The display resolution in the basic version is 0.1°C. The temperature format can be chosen as Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Depending on the pump motor fitted to the temperature control system, the pump speed or the maximum pressure can be continuously varied. VPC (variable pressure control) protects against glass breakage. The working range can be restricted with the set-point limits and the systems action in response to the activation of one of the programmable alarms can be chosen from a list of options. In the case of an alarm, an optical and audible alarm signal can be activated. The clock and the calendar enable individual setting for the auto-start after a power failure or in standby. Also the control sensor can be calibrated. An RS232 interface allows data recording, the connection of a ComBox and the linking into a process control system.


Huber CC Pilot