Labogene Vertical LAF sterile cabinet – Fortuna

Labogene Vertical LAF sterile cabinet – Fortuna

Vertical laminair flow sterile cabinet - Fortuna Clean Bench

The Fortuna is a series of vertical sterile laminar airflow cabinets, which incorporate the latest laminator technology and energy-saving designs with HEPA filtration and a range of options that gives optimal protection of your product, samples or equipment.
The turbulent-free airflow gives a clean, sterile work chamber environment with complete protection of the procedures against microbiological intrusion or contamination.

Available in four different working area sizes

  • Widths 900 mm, 1200 mm, 1500 mm or 1800 mm

All models come with an electric front window with an opening up to 550 mm and with a wide range of high-quality customised options to suit your individual needs or requirements.

Features & benefits

  • The new Fortuna Clean Bench model is available with new innovative EC fans and optimized airflow, contributing to a reduction in the noise level and energy consumption. Thereby having a noise level down to 45 dB(A) with a power consumption at 52 watts* at factory settings.
  • Another new feature of the range: Available with an electrical operated front window with fully open/closed position to suit your individual needs.
  • Angled front window that gives a correct ergonomic working position when either seated or standing.
  • The integrated control panel with LCD display is conveniently positioned for ease of viewing and operation, ensuring optimal performance and safety characteristics at all times. Alarms, both acoustic and visual for unsafe airflow conditions or any interruption.
  • 110 mm HEPA filters with efficiency at 99,999 % against 0,3 μm patricles, ensuring a clean sterile work chamber environment.

The Fortuna Clean Bench offers the ultimate in sample protection, operator comfort and optional fittings to provide the cabinet best suited for your laboratory and its procedures.

For further information about Fortuna Clean Bench's features and benefits, please download the Fortuna Clean Bench brochure at the bottom of this page.


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