LAUDA Integral P process Thermostats

LAUDA Integral P process Thermostats

LAUDA Integral P Process Thermostat

Professional temperature control for realistic test processes with the pressure-superimposed Integral P process thermostats



Benefits and added value

  • Fast cooling and heating cycles
  • Expanded temperature range for water/glycol applications
  • Demand-based flow rates in the application
  • Optimal performance of the Integral P even at extremely high pressure drops with low flow rates

Working range

Integral P process thermostats are equipped with a compressed air supply to draw the temperature control medium into the temperature control unit via a negative pressure of -0.2 bar. Like all Integral devices of the new generation, the Integral P process thermostats also use a modular interface concept for maximum flexibility in user processes.

Min. working temperature

Min. working temperature -40 °C

Max. working temperature

Max. working temperature 140 °C

Temperature stability

Temperature stability 0.05 ± K

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