Liebherr Refrigeration Systems

Liebherr Refrigeration Systems

The most stringent reliability and safety standards apply to appliances in the laboratory and medical sector. Liebherr offers purpose-built laboratory appliances in three temperature ranges for the different areas of use.The Liebherr Mediline range of products gives a good mix of budget and high spec products, with a total of 18 refrigerators and freezers. Mediline RangeAll our Mediline products are:

  • All the spark free models (8 in total) are ATEX approved.
  • All models have a two year parts and labour warranty, the Liebherr products are sold on the quality, reliability and energy efficiency produced from German engineering.
  • Most of our competitors source products from other Eastern Europe or Far East manufacturers. As these in many cases are domestic cabinets which are converted, reliability and parts availability is a worry. Liebherr provide parts for up to 20 years.
  • Although Liebherr Mediline range is targeting the Laboratory and Pharmacy market, it is worth pointing out that the decision has been made by Liebherr that they are not suitable for blood storage.

Non Mediline Refrigerators & Freezers. In addition to the Mediline range we have put together a list of Commercial refrigerators and freezers which do not have the same high technical specification for alarms, temperature recorders etc but which will meet economy budgets. This range covers:

  • 140/400 & 500 litre upright freezers
  • 299/485 & 601 litre chest freezers
  • 421/544 & 583 litre refrigerators.

Laboratory StorageLaboratory RefrigeratorsCooling Units with ex proof interiorForced Air Laboratory Refrigerators Laboratory FreezersForced Air Laboratory FreezersCooling Units with ex proof interior

Universal Refrigerators

Universal appliances with re-circulated air cooling Universal appliances with static cooling Under-worktop refrigerators Chest appliances Universal Freezers Universal appliances with re-circulated air cooling Universal appliances with static cooling Chest freezers Liebherr Product Catalogue PDF Full inventory management systems including drawers and separation compartment systems are available for all Liebherr fridges and freezers. Contact Asistec for details.

Lab Fridges and Freezers
Ultra-low Temperature Freezers