Modular & Facility Systems

Modular & Facility Systems

Asistec can offer multiple solutions to laboratories requiring Environmental monitoring systems for securing precious samples and research material, safety of product and laboratory personnel.
Systems are audit tools for accreditation purposes and can link to a cascade of actions in the event out of acceptable conditions being read.
There is an enormous need for a reliable monitoring and registration system in laboratories today. XiltriX from IKS is a flexible system, the result of ten years research into laboratory monitoring, which integrates perfectly with your organisation and procedures.


Xiltrix registers, records and alarms the temperature of all laboratory equipment day and night. Suitable equipment includes CO2 incubators, flow cabinets, autoclaves, cooled incubators as well as cooling and freezing machines. As a scalable system, it can be used to record, monitor and report instrument performance throughout your entire establishment. Xiltrix resides on a secure server. Data results are accessible anywhere through a web page on an internal network or the internet. Server operating systems include Windows, Linux and Unix. If unexpected problems occur on your network the system remains on line. It copes with all contingencies like computer crashes or cable breakages. Sensor data can be collected through a mix of wired, network and wireless connections. Many parameters can be monitored and logged, including:

  • Differential Gas Pressure
  • Door Openings
  • Liquid Levels
  • Electro-Conductivity
  • Humidity
  • System standard failures etc
CO2 Monitoring

Xiltrix’s unique C02 Monitoring system is especially suited to IVF and cell culture work, monitoring the stability of CO2 incubators over long periods. Because up to 16 incubators can be monitored with one monitor substation, the monitoring cost per incubator is very low. Each sample channel is measured every 20 minutes. Excess humidity is automatically removed by moisture separators. The internal CO2 sensor is automatically calibrated using outside air and a calibration gas supply. This way the CO2 measurement is always accurate regardless of drift of the CO2 sensor or changes in outside conditions

CO2 Monitoring – Detailed Information PDF


In case of equipment failure XiltriX can activate alarms, and here flexibility is the key. A variety of alarm equipment can be used, ranging from a light or siren to an e-mail, beeper or SMS. What’s more, you can decide when and where the alarms are reported. XiltriX will find you, not the other way around. The SMS option includes bi-directional capability by which acknowledgement messages can be sent to the system. Messages can be cascaded from one user to another in the event of alarms not being acknowledged. Using SMS you can remotely check on the system integrity and check measuring values at any time.
Alarm options:

  • Warning lights
  • Sirens
  • SMS text messaging (bi-directional)
  • Email messaging
  • Auto dialler
  • BMS (Building Management System)

Historical reports can be displayed in graph or table format. Numerical data is easily exported it to any spreadsheet program. Up to 8 values and up to 2 different measurement parameters can be displayed simultaneously on a single graph. This way equipment can be compared and deviations can be spotted prior to failure of the device.

Traceability is structurally built in to XiltriX software. The XiltriX server is fully password protected, and all changes made by authorised users are logged, timestamped and audited. Users IP addresses are saved. Printed documents are accorded a unique electronic record number. Of course all saved measurement data audits are protected from changes, and are programmed to be backed up to USB or other source of the administrator’s choice.

IKS is certified according to NEN-EN ISO 9001:2000. It meets the strictest standards including Sterlab, GLP and the American FDA regulations (21 CFR part 11).