Planer Kryo 1060

Planer Kryo 1060

A large capacity controlled rate freezer for higher volume storage - Kryo 1060. The system's sample capacity is sufficient for most intense process situations.
A top opening chamber, combined with a unique forced laminar flow pattern of the coolant and its cryogenic insulation, ensures even and accurate temperature control at all phases of the freezing protocol. The stainless steel finish enables wipe clean functionality and ruggedness.
Suitable for volume cell line or vaccine storage, this liquid nitrogen CRF has system safety protection with a -100 ºC end temperature to ensure sample integrity during transfer to cryo storage.


  • Optimum post thaw sample integrity - efficient and even freezing
  • Passwords and Safety features
  • Repeatable process - suitable for validation
  • Preview Programmes before running
  • Mechanically aided top opening design
  • Freeze samples in vials or other containers in baskets
  • Communications port for PC connection
  • User calibration with associated hard copy possible


  • Chamber volume: 180 or 380 litres
  • Vial capacity: 4000/8000 x 2 ml in baskets
  • Lower temperature limit: -100 ºC
  • Cooling rates: -0.01 to -5 ºC/min
  • Controlled heating rates: 0.1 to 1 ºC/min
  • System controller: Planer's KS1
  • PC Software: Planer's DeltaT
  • High capacity LN2 cylinder: large cooling reservoir - extended hold times

View via a monitor and print out on a network printer. PC connection compatible with Planer’s Delta T™ management software. The PC offers the widest range of displayed information during and after a run. The Controller is designed to be simple to program and operate and the system has many safety features eg: to help protect against power or PC failure when running with software. Planer's DeltaT-iQ software offers password controlled access on multiple user levels; time and date stamping for verification.

The larger controlled rate freezer range is useful in areas such as :

  • Biobanks
  • Cell Based Pharmaceutical
  • Biotechnology
  • Medical Researchers
  • Blood and Tissue Banks
  • Biorepositories
  • Translational Medicine
  • Regenerative Medicine


Planer Kryo 1060 Brochure