Planer Kryo 750-30

Planer Kryo 750-30

An integrated controlled rate freezer for cryopreservation of larger volume samples or samples in larger numbers. The controlled rate freezer is designed for freezing of samples in bags, vials and straws.
It has a simple 2 button operation with standard PC software to enable password protected multiple protocols. A forced laminar flow cooling system ensures most efficient, even cooling and the machine has Top or Front opening for easy loading. Heated door seals prevent the lid freezing shut at cryogenic temperatures.
Protocol stage “trigger on sample”, or chamber temperature, or time and the inner chamber is removable for sterilisation. The 750 has a Comms port - for PC connection and has flexible and fast cooling rates.
It is also available in Medical Device version.


  • Chamber volume: 29 litres
  • Capacity: 20 x 250/500/750/1000 ml blood bags, horizontally/vertically in chamber, or 40 x 50 ml blood bags, horizontally/vertically in chamber
  • 96 x 25ml PALL bags
  • Vial or ampoule capacity: 1452 x 2 ml
  • Straw capacity: 1216 x 2 ml
  • Lower temperature limit: -160 ºC
  • Cooling rates: -0.1 to -10 ºC/min
  • Controlled heating rates: 0.1 to 10 ºC/min
  • System controller: integral
  • PC Software: includes Planer's DeltaT

Protocols can be based on ‘sample temperature event’ triggering, which combined with the fast cooling rates and forced laminar flow of the system, ensures high efficiency cooling at the fusion temperature. This enables efficient latent heat removal, creating optimum sample viability post thaw. The easy access front opening door is closed via a 3 point closure system, ensuring a leak free seal which helps to prevent the door freezing closed at low temperatures; additional protection is provided by heated door seals. The freezer’s control system is operated via a two button process which helps prevent accidental running of a wrong protocol. This also helps with rapid user training and process verification. The system can also be operated via Planer’s software application - DeltaT which then offers multiple protocols and data viewing on-line, as well as data capture and storage for validation.


  • Top or Front opening for easy loading
  • Freeze samples in bags, vials and straws
  • Forced laminar flow for efficient and even cooling
  • Trigger on sample, time or temperature
  • Unique 2 button operation
  • Standard PC software enables password protected multiple protocols
  • Heated door seal prevents freezing shut at cryogenic temperatures
  • Inner chamber removable for sterilisation

The Kryo 750 is used for freezing in, amongst many fields:

  • Cancer research
  • Bone marrow freezing
  • Blood
  • Tissue
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Cord Blood
  • Vaccines


Planer Kryo 750-30 Brochure