Precision Balances

Precision Balances


For professional laboratory weighing, Asistec supplies Sartorius balances which excel in speed and accuracy, including Ultra-Micro / Micro Balances, Analytical Balances, Precision Balances and Pipette Calibration Balances.

Premium laboratory analytical balances from a completely modular extensible range, for all laboratory weighing tasks. 3 display and control units, 3 draft shields, weighing modules with readabilities from 0.01 - 0.1mg and capacities from 120 - 320g

Precision Balances Cubis®

Precision balances for experts: fully automatic isoCAL calibration and adjustment function, backlit display, monolithic load cell, large load plate, rugged housing. Readability: 0.001g to 1g. Weighing capacity: 220g to 34kg
The new CP is the first choice for those who wish to avoid the risk of buying the “wrong” weighing equipment. With a total of 21 precision balances, the new series offers the right model for practically every laboratory weighing task.

Sartorius Precision Balances CPA Range

Precision balances for routine daily tasks in the laboratory: very fast response times, easy operation, practical design.
Readability: 0.001g to 0.1g. Weighing capacity: 150g to 8.2kg. To compare specifications for the models in the ED range.

Sartorius Precision Balances ED Range

Precision balances for basic weighing tasks such as laboratory, training and school use: compact, rugged and economically priced.
Readability: 0.001g to 1g. Weighing capacity: 210g to 12kg.

Sartorius Precision Balances TE Range