Refrigeration Equipment

Refrigeration Equipment

As a complement to our furniture line, we include a wide range of cold-storage equipment:

REFRIGERATORS: Uses forced-air circulation to maintain a stable temperature of 4ºC.
Dimensions: Single: 700 x 890 x 2080 mm. Double: 1400 x 890 x 2080 mm.

UPRIGHT STORAGE FREEZERS: Stores products which need to be preserved at low temperatures to -35ºC according to the model.
Dimensions: 760 x 700 x 1990 mm.

FREEZER CHESTS: Used to maintain products to -85ºC with a stability of ± 0.5ºC.

  • Single: 725 x 655 x 850 mm.
  • Double: 1705 x 655 x 850 mm.