Super Insulated Vacuum Line (SIVL)

Super Insulated Vacuum Line (SIVL)

Customised Solutions

Asistec will design, supply and install complete vacuum super insulated pipelines for liquefied gases. Pipeline installations are designed to meet customers' exact needs. Each system configuration is selected to minimize the total number of sections and bends required, with consideration given to such factors as; installation accessibility, shipping size limitations,flow rates, and allowable pressure drops etc.

We can provide standard solutions or customised systems to suit customer requirements and are happy to offer a full turnkey installation or provide equipment only.

SIVL: LN2 Piping Overview

SIVL is a highly developed transfer system for any extreme temperature fluid; it is most commonly used for the transfer of liquefied gases. Compared to even the best conventionally lagged pipes, SIVL is 10 - 30 times more efficient in reducing heat flow, therefore, saving money in operational costs.

SIVL is manufactured almost entirely of high grade stainless steel; a durable asset that also reduces maintenance costs. The line has a hygienic finish (polished stainless steel) and is eminently suitable for use in medical and research establishments.

The line’s small diameter (76 mm) conserves space within the building and on pipe racks. AS Scientific SIVL consists of prefabricated line sections with welded couplings between line sections. This design ensures maximum flexibility for future extension, modification and no need for continuous evacuation.

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