Jupiter Class 1 range of microbiological safety cabinets provide user and environmental protection where the air is drawn from the room into the work opening and leaves the cabinet via a HEPA filter with 100% ducted exhaust or re-circulation using HEPA exhaust filter with option of activated carbon filters.

The cabinet offers full microprocessor control with airflow measurement of both in-flow and exhaust airflows, visual and acoustic alarms for indication of unsafe conditions and programmable auto-start/auto-stop.

The Jupiter offers besides this the latest in low energy technology using EC fans, slim compact design and PIR sensors for automatic operation.
Complimented by a range of support stands, options and accessories, the Jupiter cabinets offers class 1 protection with premier operator comfort.

The microbiology safety cabinet is suitable for extraction of high levels of organic compounds, airborne particles, powders and salts.

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