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Mini Centrifuge of compact small-foot print design for 12 x 1.5-2.0 mL micro tubes, with rapid acceleration and deceleration, pulse spin feature and supplied with fixed angle rotor with adaptors for 0.2ml microtubes.

Micro 1524, high speed with 5 acceleration and deceleration ramping speeds for sensitive samples, 100 program memories, auto lid release and pulse spin feature. Fixed angle rotor for both micro and PCR tubes.

Micro 1730R, high speed refrigerated micro with temperature range from -20°C to ambient and "fast cool" function for rapid cooling with cool down to +4°C in 5 min . Auto rotor identification and alarms for imbalance, over-heat and over speed. 100 program memory with 5 acceleration and deceleration ramps for sensitive samples. Fixed angle rotors for up to 30 1.5-2.0 mL micro tubes and PCR tube strips.

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