excel workstationsExcel Plus Workstations are used in the laboratory for the most demanding powder handling applications, such as high accuracy weighing, processing of pellets, capsules or tablets and for dispensing of potentially toxic powdered compounds.
Excellent operator protection is achieved by enhanced airflow control and aerofoil technology which ensures that containment is achieved and maintained at the very low air flows required for balance stability.
Two-stage filtration is used in this workstation. A dual set of filters comprising a pre-filter (eliminates particles at 5.0 microns or larger to an efficiency of 92% as defined in BS EN ISO 779) then a high capacity design (double layer) HEPA filter(H14 Standard) eliminates particles 0.3 microns or larger to an efficiency of 99.995%.

Safety features:

  • Double layer filtration provides extra filter system integrity.
  • Visible and audible alarms alert user of unsafe flow conditions.
  • Fan speed compensation for variation in flow during the lifetime of the filter maintains cabinet performance.
  • Double hinged front visors can be opened for full access to the cabinet interior. Fan speed auto-increases to maintain working face velocity.

User features:

  • 180mm height front access across full cabinet width.
  • Gentle non-turbulent flow prevents balance fluctuation and cabinet dead spots.
  • Five position balance gives stable and repeatable results.
  • Angled clear front provides excellent vision of enclosed manipulations and comfort during use.
  • Black HPL base for ease of product visibility with spill groove

Fan speed compensation for variation in flow conditions during the lifetime of the filter maintains cabinet performance.

Construction and Materials

The mild steel fan housing is epoxy coated - white.
Transparent panels are manufactured from 12mm clear cast acrylic which is non-flammable, resistant to corrosion and easy to clean.
The base is manufactured from laboratory grade laminate - black. White is an option.

Cabinets Size & Part Number

Model External mm Internal mm
 Excel Plus 1006 1027 x 811 x 956 975 x 545 x 500
 Excel Plus 1306 1327 x 811 x 956 1275 x 545 x 500
 Excel Plus 1606 1627 x 811 x 956 1575 x 545 x 500

Optional Extras

Part Number Description
 /L  Lighting 11W
 /IB  Ionising Bars
 /TP  Transfer Port for waste and bag transfer
 TBC  Exhaust Spigot
 /MA0001  Computer Monitor and Keyboard Arm
 /ULPA  ULPA Filter (Grade U16)
 /CF  Carbon Filter

Note: Carbon filter type to be confirmed at time of order.

Robust Steel Box Section Trolley

Part Number Description
 1000mm  Robust epoxy coated mild steel box section trolley computer stand on adjustable feet. Options available on request for a keyboard drawer.

Power supply: 230V, AC, 50Hz, 5Amp, 1Ø (on request 110V, AC, 60Hz, 8Amp, 1Ø)


pdf  Bigneat Excel Plus Safechange Workstations

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