kryo 550 16planerKryo 550-16, a fully featured tissue bank freezer for the cryopreservation of bone marrow, stem cells, skin, cord blood and other critical high volume samples.
The Kryo 550-16 incorporates all of the critical features expected from a high specification biological chamber. The -180ºC to +40ºC temperature range allows flexibility for a wide range of applications and protocols. The -180ºC end temperature ensures the sample integrity while transferring to long term storage. The integrated Focused Control Technology provides secure and accurate profile control. This ensures that even when connected to a host PC, the freezer control remains unaffected by any failures that may occur on a external computer or network. The controller includes protection against short term power failures.
PC connectivity is provided by an RS232 connection providing profile editing, real-time run graphs and PC storage of run data via the DeltaT application. Calibration and Qualification tools can also be provided when connected to DeltaT-iQ. Alternatively the optional in-built server provides a quick and trouble-free method of accessing the host device from any PC on a network. The heart of the unit is the device-specific application and web site, resident in the server which allows customised access to the host device.


  • Flexible cryogenic preservation of up to 48 x 25ml Blood Bags or 20 x 250ml – 750ml Blood Bags, 784 vials and 2904 straws
  • Improved cell viability by freezing below the glass transition point to -180
  • Unparalleled tractability through compliant record of freezing run
  • Complete user control of freezing process through manual seeding
  • Unrivalled repeatability with user definable freezing profiles
  • Cost effective option with internal controller module

pdf  Planer Kryo 550-16 Brochure

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