Sartorius ASTM Type 2 Pure Water System

water sys towerRegardless of which water standard you need, arium® Tower delivers!
Capable of direct delivering both, RO and ultrapure (Type 1) water, on demand. The unique design of the tower only requires inlet connections to power and a suitable water source and connection of discharge tubes to a drain. No additional fittings or connections are required.
This dedicated, easily movable workstation is able to supply the needs of a busy laboratory with both reagent grade and purified water in one single system.
The individual components of the tower may be purchased separately to accommodate specific requirements.


  • To provide high quality water, where space is limited
  • Electrophoresis
  • Ultrapure water (ASTM Type 1) for media preparation, chromatography and life science applications


  • All in one working station with built-in 61316® reverse osmosis system, ultrapure (ASTM Type 1) water system, TOC analyser and tank to save bench space
  • Easy to place according to your individual lab needs, mounted on 4 easy roll wheels
  • Ergonomically designed to save bench space
  • Maximum stability even under the most severe conditions
  • Easy accessibility of all parts, making routine maintenance and cartridge changes of the arium® systems effortless
  • Tap for direct use of RO water e.g. for rinsing glassware

Integrated Water Station includes:

  • self supporting stand, 619AT02
  • Reverse osmosis system, 61316
  • TOC Instrument, 611ATOC1
  • Ultrapure water system, 611VF
  • Water storage tank, 613APV31
  • Consumables (611CKRU, 613CPF05 -------V, 613CPM3-------V, Sartopore®2, 150 final filter, pore size 0.2 µm


pdf  Sartorius Arium Water Tower

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